Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Litigations are financially costly, time consuming, and likely to strain relations between individuals at institutions or corporations even further.

Others methods of dispute resolution offer valuable alternatives.

One such method is mediation.

Through mediation, the disputing parties attempt to reach a solution by working with a third person called a mediator.

Contrary to an arbitrator, the mediator does not reach a decision for the parties. The role of the mediator is to enable the parties to move past the impasse in which they find themselves, and try to envision a solution that allows them to move forward.

This solution is not always possible, but it is worth a try.

It is especially worthwhile, and beneficial, when the two parties are involved in extended relations that will not be over with the resolution of the specific dispute.

If you are currently involved in a dispute in your personal or professional life, or in your business or institution, contact me to find out what steps can be taken to move forward.